• Samantha

What's the best office chair for your home office?

We know that with such a great variety of chairs to choose from it can be difficult to make a decision as to what to commit to buying, so without further ado, here are a few of our favourite things… (and reasons why we chose them)

Lauren: ‘Herman Miller’s Mirra 2. It’s comfortable, looks good and fits me perfectly. I feel supported and the adjustability and ease of manoeuvring the chair is a benefit too.

The Mirra 2 is one of Herman Miller’s signature chairs. Originally, the Mirra chair was designed in 2003 but as time moved on so did the way we work – we move more and the more we are in motion, the more support is needed to support that movement. Herman Miller updated the design and created the Mirra 2 which was released in 2014. Mirra was the first office chair designed from the ground up whilst considering environmental responsibility, advancing the use and reuse of materials, and using the least material possible whilst also getting the most from the design in terms of performance.

Adrian:Herman Miller’s Aeron chair. Its design. As a chair designed nearly 30 years ago, it still has an incredible comfort level and its design pedigree is second to none. The choice of sizes is also an excellent feature especially in something as personal as an office chair.’

The Aeron chair’s iconic form has actually changed very little since its original design in 1994, but it has been remastered to include a whole lot of research from the science of sitting, advancements in materials, manufacturing and technology too. This chair was a pioneer in ergonomics and innovation as it provides comfort without foam, fabric or leather which was a first for an office chair and totally changed the perception of what such a chair should be. Its remastered version was created in 2016 by one of the original designers, Don Chadwick.

Of course an office chair is a very individual thing so we highly recommend doing a little research and chatting to us about what chair best suits your needs. Book an appointment to call into the showroom and try out a chair today. You will receive free guidance on the set up of your chair as well as useful tips on ergonomics and correct posture in the office.

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