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Feeling hot, hot, hot!

After recently witnessing the Met Office's first ever UK amber warning for extreme heat and optimistically, further heatwaves forecast for the end of the month, we have put together some helpful tips and tricks to survive in the office while the heat is on, especially for those of us who aren't fortunate to work with air con! These are helpful not only during a heatwave but also for when the weather is that bit warmer and the office becomes a stuffy place to be.

Dress Cool

Some employers are happy for the office to become a more casual place when the temperatures rise, allowing for us to ditch formal office-wear in place of something more light weight. But, it is not a legal requirement for bosses to relax the dress code and you may not be lucky enough to dress down completely. When that is the case, keep things loose and where possible opt for natural fibres like linen or cotton as they are more breathable than synthetic materials. Smart summer dresses, short sleeved shirts and lightweight trousers can all still help to keep us comfortable while still looking professional enough for most office environments. Chat to your boss about dress code rules and what is or isn't deemed acceptable attire in the heat in your place of work.

Drink Up

Hydration is always important, but when temperatures soar and we are sweating more than normal, drinking plenty of water is the top way to avoid dehydration headaches and heat exhaustion. Drinking even when you are not thirsty is the best bet to ensure you're taking in enough of the wet stuff and we recommend investing in a good, insulated bottle which will keep your water cool even when it is sat on your desk. What's more, a larger bottle prevents us from having to keep leaving our desk to top up a smaller glass or cup and it is easy to sip from throughout the day as when it is in clear view on our desk it reminds us to take an occasional gulp rather than waiting until we are feeling a bit parched!

Cold Food

Stay away from spicy, warm or high-protein foods as these make our digestive systems work extra hard and in turn raise our body temperature. Instead, opt for veggies, salads and fruit, all of which are water-rich and easy to digest. There are so many delicious salad recipes out there and even healthy ready made ones available if you're in a pinch for time to make it yourself. Here at Core, we are lucky enough to have a small freezer which we fill with ice lollies to enjoy as an effective, cooling treat. If you don't have a freezer, look out for the local ice cream van or indulge in a lolly or ice cream from the local shop during lunch-break!

Spritz, spritz, spritz!

A water spray is a lovely, refreshing way to cool down with a good spritz over your face and wrists and even better, if possible, your feet! It helps to hydrate the skin and cool down quickly and easily and can even be done at your desk to avoid disruptions to your day. You can purchase a water spray from our local pharmacy, or you can buy an empty spray bottle which you can fill yourself.

Desk Fan

Some workplaces provide fans in place of air con, but if not you can buy your own desk fan which conveniently plugs in to the USB socket on your computer. You can place it to direct the cool air at your face whilst working. Pair the cool air with a spritz of water as mentioned above and you'll have yourself double the chilling power!

Lights Out, Blinds Down

If it isn't too dark, turning off a selection of lights or other unnecessary power sources can eliminate some of the ambient heat which they give off. If there is a breeze, get the windows open but if it is one of those days when even the wind isn't on our side to help cool things off, close the blind and keep as much direct sunlight out as possible. You'll have a cooler, more bearable space in no time!

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