• Samantha

Going to the office should be a choice

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Make going back to work every morning be a choice with Living Office. Workplaces have changed, so bringing humanity back to the workplace to help your people and your business succeed is so important. At Core Office Systems, we understand what’s needed in order to achieve this balance and we work with industry leaders to make sure we do exactly that for offices nationally. In any business, our people are one of the most important assets we have, so it's important that our offices support their needs, the business objectives and their activities. Today's modern office is designed around the understanding of those three areas, including how they work and the tools needed to be the very best they can be. This new office sees our people returning each and every day because they choose to, not because they have to. The offices many of us see today were originally designed around old processes and do not support today's people, most importantly lacking an elevated experience of work that we are now seeing in today's modern office. Living Office Everybody’s human and everybody’s different…this is exactly what Herman Miller believes and Living Office is designed around this. Herman Miller have identified six fundamentals needs that they believe all people share;

Security • Autonomy • Belonging • Achievement • Status • Purpose.

Living Office creates a place where your people can feel all of the above, a place where every element feels right, one that fulfills all of our needs, helping us feel like we have a sense of purpose, are achieving whilst feeling secure in our workplace, somewhere where we belong. Each business is different and your workplace should reflect your business’s character, be fit for its activities whilst fulfilling its purpose. Living Office transforms yesterday's office into a powerful organisation full of inspired people that express and progress. 

Great for who? So if it's great for people, then it’s great for business right? Transform your workplace into a business asset, somewhere where your people want to come to, a place that helps people work better. Today's modern office will be on brand, fit for purpose, a place anyone would be proud to work… their own living office. Success is more than monetary, for most now, it's balanced with happiness and well-being so by helping to fulfill the fundamental needs of individuals and business organisations, you’ll help deliver greater profits, whilst promoting prosperity. Achieve more with Core Office Systems, call us on 01579 324174 to find out more about how we can transform your workplace.