• Samantha

Home Office Design

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

One of the big perks of running your business from home is setting up a home office, but it’s important to understand what you need from your home office set up before you head over to your favourite online furniture store.

For many of us, our make-shift offices consist of existing household furniture that has been passed down through generations. It's not until we fully integrate ourselves into our home office working environments that we start to realise it's a little impractical. Having a good home office environment means you'll not only work more efficiently but you're much more likely to enjoy working from home.

Work/life balance

If you’re one of many that are lacking a healthy work/life balance due to your home working situation, then maybe it’s time to change your home office setup. Having to pack up from the dining room table each evening can be a huge inconvenience. Your home office ideally needs to be free from personal distractions, a place that creates a divide between family and work life.

Transform existing spaces

Having a home office makeover can help re-energize you and help you overcome impracticalities caused by design limitations. The latest 3D design software used by Core Office allows you to visualise your design options, incorporating perfectly fitted furniture, and ensuring the best use of space. Even the best home office designs can be improved upon with the right design team.

An inspirational workspace

A dedicated workspace in your home helps you set aside household distractions and focus on work. Whilst you may not have many room options, you do have options when it comes to design and décor. Your home office should be a permanent well-designed space that maximises productivity, a space that’s inspiring and energising. As you grow in your role, your office will need to grow with you, supporting your work tasks, storage needs, and privacy. Whilst a pack-down setup with existing furniture and equipment can be a great starting point, a quick affordable setup can also impact business productivity and growth. The reality is, your home office design plays a fundamental part in your long-term working energy so if you’re starting to feel uninspired, maybe it's time for a makeover?

The refit

Preparing your home office space for a design makeover involves removing any existing furniture so that there is a blank canvas to work from. It involves demolishing any existing partitions and shelving and installing electrical, phone, and cable outlets. Perhaps your room is also in need of a refresh before the design work begins? We’ll talk you through colour schemes and wallpaper options and give you a choice of new floor coverings and light fixtures. A great home office design team will not just focus on the office furniture side of a makeover, but they will prepare it in line with your room's intended design.

Decorate for inspiration

Adding decorative items into your home office space can have a big impact on your work efficiency. Adding plants into your indoor space can help boost mood and improve productivity. Having family memories pictured around you can inspire you, helping you to achieve work objectives and reach personal goals. If you have a vision board, hang it on the wall and brainstorm ideas that will help free up your mind.


There are many benefits to natural lighting but having access to this may not always be possible. If you’re looking to set up your home office in a basement or loft area and natural light is limited, talk to your design team about good quality lighting. Having access to good lighting creates pleasant working atmospheres that are satisfying and make us more efficient. Light is much more than just illumination. It inspires, attracts, sets a mood, and has emotional qualities. Good lighting enhances the mood and desirability of our home office spaces, so a well-illuminated office will contribute to your sense of well-being and will therefore enhance your mood and productivity.


Along with avoiding eyestrain, ensuring that your sitting correctly and your back is supported by the right office equipment is super important. Your design team can help you choose the right equipment for your home office set up, ensuring you’re sitting correctly at the right height. They will also incorporate any ergonomic accessories needed to make your day in the office as comfortable as possible.

Environmentally friendly

Designing an environmentally friendly office isn’t just about being kind to the planet, it’s about being kind to yourself too. By reusing and recycling, you’ll reduce costs and clutter. Switch to digital planners where possible and use energy-saving light bulbs to save money on your household bills. Weather seal any windows that may be a little drafty and don’t forget to turn off your appliances when you’re out of your new office.

Our ideas around home office design are sure to inspire you. We’ll work with you to design a work-friendly space in your own home, secluded from tempting distractions, away from your personal space. Talk to us about your home office design ideas. We’ll not only inspire you to get that last bit of work done and close the door but enjoy your surroundings whilst doing so. Call us on 01579 324174 to book a free design consultation.