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Must-have Office Furniture

When setting up our offices – be it a home office or a more traditional setup, there are several things we need to take into consideration to make the most of our space. Assess the room you have by measuring up, bearing in mind where doors and windows are – taking special consideration for any natural light – and working with the space rather than against it to get the best from your surroundings.

The Best of the Desks

As a desk can be a focal point in an office, choosing the best desk for your space is key. There is a selection of differently shaped and sized desks available, with a variety of features. From lone worker desks – perfect for the home office or the socially distanced public workplace – through to executive desks which present the office with a sense of significance for when impressions need to be made.

Adding features such as modesty panels or hygiene screens can change the look of the desk itself and immediately alter its functionality for a safer and more private working area. As well as these choices, there is of course the highly efficient, hugely sought after sit-stand option which you can read more about here.

Most desks are available in a range of colours, styles and finishes and can have trimmings such as cable management and monitor arms to optimize comfort, practicality and professionalism. Nobody wants to trip over their laptop lead halfway through a Zoom call, after all!

Chairing is Caring

With so much time spent sat at our desks – on average 40 hours a week – ensuring we are sat correctly, in the right seat for our needs is paramount. Functionality, support and enhancing productivity are all things we need to think about when selecting the chair of our choice. Not to mention comfort! Ergonomic seating offers the best support and can be altered to meet specific requirements for the user – everything from adjustable arms, a height adjustable seat, tilt options, headrest and lumbar support can be configured with our range of chairs. Do you know if you’re sitting correctly? If you are ending up with aches and pains, find yourself fidgeting a lot throughout the day and notice your feet on the desk or that you’ve slipped right down in your chair and you’re peering up at your screen over the edge of your desk like you’re in the cinema, chances are you are not seated as you should be… Check out our handy guide here.

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

Storage is often not the first thing we think of when we think of a home office, but in a traditional office setup, where would we be without our filing space, desk trays and drawers? Keeping a tidy desk is imperative to working productively and there is nothing more frustrating than losing your; a) calculator b) scissors c) pen d) that really REALLY important document… so investing in a decent organisation system is a brilliant way to keep clutter at bay and to ensure there are no paperwork mountains to traverse in order to reach your computer screen. From filing cabinets to contemporary cubic shelving, you can even tailor your storage furniture to match your workspace with our bespoke office range.

Of course, it's both furnishings and design that help make the most of your office space and at Core Office we'd love to show you how. To discuss this in more detail and book a full consultation, you can contact Adrian or Lauren on 01579 324174 or 07540 946570