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Office Furniture to Promote Productivity

Productivity is a really important factor in the running of a successful business. Ensuring comfort, safety and a good working environment are all key ways to improve productivity from staff and these can be achieved with some simple but effective furnishings and layouts within your office.

Increasing productivity means your team working to the best of their ability and your team working to the best of their ability means a successful business with increased profits, lower staff turnover and less time wasted. Let’s take a look at some great ways that any business can improve its productivity levels.

Office Colours

Choosing an overall colour scheme for the office can alter the mood and feel of the space entirely. Studies show that bright colours can improve staff’s mood and enthusiasm.

Colours inspired by nature like blue or green work to improve focus and are calming, yellow or orange can bring warmth and trigger positivity and creativity and the most vibrant colours like red are great to inspire passion and physical activity.

Surprisingly, even though neutral colours like white or off-white are the most popular choices in offices, reports on this actually show these to be too clinical and plain and therefore to hinder productivity. Using a combination of a plainer tone like white and adding in accents or splashes of colour or vice versa can work really well.

Office Lighting

Most offices stick to white lighting but as mobile phones have shown us, blue light can awaken our brains – most often seen in studies to do with linking insomnia and late night use of screens. For this reason, office designers have started using cool tones in lights to increase alertness in staff. Harsh, artificial lighting can lead to headaches and tiredness so it is a good idea to invest in light bulbs that mimic natural lighting. This helps to reduce eye-strain and imitates the benefits that people get from natural light. Speaking of natural light, the most effective way to light an office for high productivity levels is to allow as much natural light into the space as possible. Natural light not only boosts physical health but also can lift mood, increase energy and alertness and in turn boost productivity.

Keep it Tidy

A cluttered space can be distracting and cause a lack of focus from workers. Not only that, but in untidy spaces important documents can easily be lost and time can be wasted by employees looking for misplaced things.

Desks with inbuilt storage spaces in them are a great help for this and mean that staff can organise their own items and documents efficiently as well as allowing space on their desks so that they can work in a clutter-free environment.

Secondly, investing in good office storage solutions for the general office can be a great way of keeping the office tidy. With everything from filing cabinets to drawers and cupboards to boxes available, depending on your needs there is a suitable storage solution out there for you and your office. Take a look at Cubic by Actiu.

Desks and Chairs

With the amount of hours many office workers have to sit at their desk throughout the day, desks and chairs are arguably the most important office furniture to get right to keep staff comfortable, happy and productive. For chairs, ergonomic choices to help with individual requirements, keep back pain at bay and to support the body most effectively are an imperative choice. Ergonomic chairs are far more supportive and allow for many adjustments to ensure the optimum comfort and flexibility for the user.

In terms of desks, a great, posture-fixing option is the height-adjustable desk. It allows the user to sit or stand, or to sit at a non-standard height whilst using them. It increases the employee flexibility and has health benefits such as lowering blood sugar levels, improving energy levels and reducing the risk of heart disease and obesity! A very worthwhile asset. Check out the Conset height adjustable desk and the Orangebox Spira Plus chair for inspiration.

Here at Core, we are able to assist you in achieving the most productive office space possible, promoting staff happiness and wellbeing and in turn ensuring you are running the most successful business it can be. Come and speak to us about the design and furnishings of your office today and let us help you to make the positive changes your business deserves.