• Samantha

Safety in Sanitisation

With COVID still in situ and looking unlikely to go away anytime soon, many workplaces and public spaces are very different to how they were only a few short months ago and now, as we emerge from lockdown it is duty for all of us to keep both ourselves and one another safe insofar as possible.

As we get back to normal and start to spend more time in socially-distanced communal space, finding ways to feel secure in less certain times is key, particularly for those of us who are vulnerable.

The increased sanitising of hands and surfaces is a vital part of life this side of lockdown and making sure this is accessible and user-friendly can be the difference between an environment which is safe and happy and a setting which is less than desirable to be a part of.

Something simple such as a wellbeing station situated in a work place - be it an office, a staffroom or even a coffee shop – can fulfil the needs of staff and customers alike to reduce anxiety around the Coronavirus spread as well as to increase trust in your business.

A wellbeing station can be a smart, simple design and can include features such as a hand sanitising unit, antibacterial wipe holder and a secured bin, along with some helpful COVID signage on keeping safe.

With public places becoming populated again, we are all responsible for staying alert and so the comfort of having an accessible, easy-to-use station positioned for people to use at their own discretion can help them to feel in control of taking care of the space they are in and in turn, can produce a better mentality and happier staff/customers.

For information on installation of a wellbeing station for your workspace, please contact us on 01579 324174.