• Samantha

The Biophilic workspace

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

When we think of plants, we usually consider them as an enhancement to our homes and gardens, however there are proven studies that humans are happier when surrounded by nature. This inarguable bond between humans and our natural surroundings is called Biophilia.

Essentially, biophilic design is the concept of bringing the outdoors indoors and the placement of plants and green areas within our working environments can significantly optimize mood and wellbeing, therefore lessening stress-levels and increasing productivity. From a business perspective, more and more companies – including the likes of Apple and Amazon - are already investing in this; creating large, green and beautifully landscaped spaces filled with an abundance of plants and trees where staff can relax, work and collaborate.

But in spite of these more extreme examples of biophilic design in the workplace, it is something which any of us could and perhaps should be using to enrich our workplaces – whether this is a homebased working station or a larger office setting, right through to hotel lobbies and staffrooms.

It doesn’t stop with just the addition of plants, either. Biophilia might be introduced with natural materials such as wood or stone which can be used for example, in countertops, desks or tables. Daylight, ‘living walls’, water and colour themes inspired by nature can even play a part and the incorporation of these elements in to your office and workplace design could be highly functional in augmenting staff performance and customer satisfaction, not to mention the benefits to our environment.

With the movement of mindfulness, being ‘green’ and more of us focusing on wellbeing than ever before, biophilia is not merely a trend which might pass as a phase, but a scientifically proven notion which should be carefully considered as a tool for a successful business.

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