Space Planning & Design

Core Office Systems are proud of the design services that we are able to offer. We have our own qualified Interior Designer in-house, and as a result are able to offer fresh, innovative and practical conceptual designs. Our plans are always created to not only cater for your present needs, but also to consider forthcoming needs.

Our office space planning services help you to full asses your business property and how to best use it to incorporate task chairs, office desks, filing cabinets, office cupboards, agile working environments and break out spaces, along with anything else needed to keep your business functioning to its optimum ability. 

We are able to produce with a number of tools to visualise how your office space could look including mood boards, layout plans, 3D visuals, 

samples and even walk-through plans showing you exactly how your transformed office space might look.

By ensuring that you get the best possible understanding of how your

office space could be transformed, and how the office furniture

within it will look, we are ensuring that you feel confident that

you are investing in exactly what you want from your space.

Our main aims in working with you on plans is to make your space

work more efficiently for you, and in turn improve staff morale,

productivity, and of course customer appreciation of your business.